Artist Statement - Greg Branscombe








Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. – Henry David Thoreau

          For over twenty years trading equities in the securities industry  I drew hundreds of pictures while at my desk, saving each one in anticipation of one day turning my rough sketches into art.  After years of honing my skills and developing these small studies I  finally decided to take the risk and  pursue my artistic ambitions full time.

          My process consists of  taking past drawings on sheets of old paper, napkins, or whatever was on my desk at the time and blowing them up, with all their unique details and then  incorporating  different types of media.  It’s with  this combination of  source material, serigraph techniques and  painting that these pieces culminate into their final form and reveal all the  textures, layers and colours that  add interest and dimension to my work.

           While I have  explored many mediums I find Silk screening provides me a strong foundation, allowing me to capture my thoughts in their raw and original state, preserving the look and feel of the drawings, scribbles and handwriting . Each work I create is treated as its own, affording me the ability to bring in different types of media to the process. Working on paper or canvas I will explore how hand painting, image transfers, pen, marker, paper, foil and fluid medium interact with my screened drawing. This practice helps me develop the overall composition of the piece.
           When the work is finished I will often notice minute details that have carried through,
old coffee stains, obscure reminders I’d left myself, whether it be phone numbers from my past  or  notes of interest I’d written down. In many ways these drawings act as a  journal capturing the people,events and stories in my life over the years. 
I find strength in my family and community. I would like to strengthen both. Art can bring people together and if through my work I can contribute to that, then I am a success.